Thursday, December 6, 2012


We live in a small labyrinth of thought.
We get confused, we get perplexed.

Much of my life has been devoted to trying to get across the point that we urgently need to make an elliptical course around one another, the urge to be an optimistic. To seek wisdom and acquire knowledge. To believe and have faith in self.

As I age, I begin to feel it's much more important to comprehend hearts and souls of human being--yes--the mere definition of humanity can't easily be uttered. Or how to describe the universe by my own imaginative power so that it'd seem more real than reality itself.

In retrospection, I wanted to be a lawyer or an arbitrator but I chose science instead. The outcomes were a series of chemical explosions, power plant, petroleum and shit which tore me apart. And you know, the ability to identify some profoundly significant otherness ie the nature, the earth and have pushed me to the limits of absurdity.

I seldomly note down my feelings you see, because I'm not good at it. Lacking of nourishment is one of my major drawbacks I presume. I WANT to discover myself, the circle of identity, to solve the riddle of my being and WHAT I really desire in life.

I think a worthwhile goal lays before me. But the infinitely most precious thing in existence is...


A firm doctrine.


Al said...

another good post

Sakinah Azmi said...

nicely written. Really like your style of writing.

Q said...

Thanks guys