Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Let's just put things into perspective

I consider myself as a relatively insane and unstable being on certain occasions, people who know me well would acknowledge this. Nonetheless though, we exhaust all efforts in our power to contrive and avoid being a repulsive airhead but slowly it comes to realize that repugnant is indeed futile.

College teaches me a few love-hate lessons; being independent, self-reflections, casual hookups (lol stahp), challenging group projects, being extremely stewed the night before finals, doing inane things with the whole lot, friends and foes, colloquial bullshit, bitter indignation that threatens the very alliance of friendship (I don't usually use this term but let's just embrace it) and surprising acceptance.

But my issue is grounded in much deeper sphere, I reserve judgments for some people. I learned a prudent remark that's so widely understood yet frequently overlooked like "Apologize to people though it's not your fault (fuck it if it's your fault one way or another). Dissipate the ego" of which, should be the solution to any conflict resolution. To me, I already have a list of people-whom-I-don't-want-to-get-rid-of in my life, but I know people change over time as it elapses. One of the things we have no control over.

You see the essence of my first year couldn't yet be captured in a whole, for next term I'll be a sophomore. But in an entirely new context I have forged a new path.  We cannot foresee the future, we have no clue at all and we can only envision.

Two things that have great significance as a matter of human safety;
Us, humanity is a work of art to be cherished.
Value each other's principles.

This policy goes a long way.