Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The art of verbal dispute can be portrayed through one's actions. Plus the viability to return home in triumph depends solely on your words, how sharp they actually are, how convincing your argument is. Negate the opposition front bench's intangible policy. Substantiate your claim with logical theories.

I've encountered an atheist before, from Singapore. I had to prove the existence of god on the basis of islamic philosophy I know about. (Allah for that matter, that's what I believe in) and after realizing how pathetic the answers were, and a look of slight bewilderment from him, he walked off. I managed to pull myself through an awkward situation.

As long as you stick to your stance, your point of view and your opinion
As long as you're not indecisive and ambivalent
Conquest will prevail.

Gunakan akal gunakan kepandaian. Hak bersuara atas dasar limitasi, jangan menghakimi manusia secara membabi buta sampai mati. Hakim menghakimi, peguam membela.

Jadi manusia berguna yang dijunjung bukan dilapah
Engkau bukan diperbuat untuk diratah
Ingat, makhluk bernafas bukan untuk disembah.

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