Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gratify some and astonish the rest.

I am giving my intuition a full and free rein.

Maybe we live our lives according to some grand hidden default idea, I am not pulling anyone to delve into a deep philosophical discourse. I am no good either.

We have a lot of things to be thankful for. Everything we own, everything we have and are.

It is okay to make mistakes, to alienate (contemptuous) people and to make errors. Trust me, if you cared less, life would be easier. As long as you can think what is the best possible premise beneath every outcome then happiness sooner or later will be at your disposal.
Take two roads and see both views. Good/bad and decide intuitively.

This is me, letting my intuition take the lead


Anonymous said...

Hi qayyum im one of your followers on twitter i dont mean to sound creepy but ur pic on twitter is so cute and handsome at the same time jarang suka tengok gmbr lelaki smoke and btw why is ur tumblr didnt have any ask box

Anonymous said...

congrats on scoring a girl i hope she makes you happy i really do and if she doesn't she's an idiot. Be happy because u deserved it haih never tot that i would like you for real i tot it was only a minor crush but i was wrong and now im the one yg broken hearted hahaha but that's ok as long you're happy im happy too bye for now qayyum

Q said...

Hey it'd be better if you could wipe your anonymity off. Thanks for all the well wishes really, much appreciated.