Friday, August 10, 2012

A gold medal for self.

It has been so dull and gloomy lately.

Hours of solitude gave me room to think and I enjoyed it immensely. You and your thoughts against the world.

I have doubts to be rectified, still. Eitherway I'm not going to share my epiphany as I'm afraid I would digress. As I always do. You see it's a pleasure conscience to express our natural instinctive state of mind into words. Once, I'd rather keep my thoughts on a shelf. Like those unread books. Dusted. But through all sanity I managed to express them via actual human activity and interaction, mind over matter they say.

As cliche as it gets, people might say, we face failures and hardship. We endure and break through the bricks. And the bricks give me a hard time really. (this sounds remotely funny no)

What I'm alluding to is, I'm not privileged enough to have choices. I do have choices but not as much as most of you do. Some might probably scoff and think I sound ungrateful, self-absorbed, imbecile even. I genuinely don't care what other people go through at this point. As it stands, uncertainty devours me. I'm always, ALWAYS left to doubt every decision and resolution I make and that, I begin to question my decisiveness. At the root of every thought, every nerve and whitish fiber of my being is demoralized. Disheartened.

But then again I took the long view..

Now I acknowledge I'm on the right track. I'm on a winning streak. I know where exactly am I heading to. Here's to 4-years bachelor of chemical engineering (hons) in process.

Fuck everyone my dream won't be deviated.
I will win this battle.

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